Martin and Stacey are playing a game in which they will roll two dice and add the digits. If the sum of the digits equals 5, Martin wins. If the sum of the digits equals 9, then Stacey wins. What conclusion could you make about the game?

A. Stacey will never win as it is impossible to get a sum of 9.
B. Martin has a better chance of winning because his sum is higher.
C. The game is not fair and they should not play.
D. The each have the same chance of rolling their sum which makes the game fair.

 Mar 30, 2021

Ways to roll a "5"  =

(1,4) (4,1) (2,3) (3,2)  =  4  ways


Ways  to roll a "9"  =

(4,5) (5,4) ( 6,3) (3,6) =  4 ways


D  Each  have  the same  chance  of  rolling their sum  = (4/36) ....the game is fair



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 Mar 30, 2021

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