Larry chooses a unit square at random inside a 4 by 4 square, whose sides are parallel to the 4 by 4 square (shown in red). Laura also chooses a unit square at random, whose sides parallel to the 4 by 4 square (shown in blue). Find the probability that Larry's and Laura's square intersect.

 Mar 18, 2022

I have an answer but I am a little dubious about it.


I have looked back at your history and you have never once interacted with or thanked and answerer. (interaction is more important than thanks)

Some of the answers provided led to discussions between 2 or more answerers.  You never got involved.

You have given an answerer a point only once.


So it apprears that you are not really interested in learning from your answers or leaving any good impression on the other answerers here.

Perhaps you should change your attitude if you want help to continue being given.



I know you have answered a couple of questions for other people and I thank you for that.

 Mar 19, 2022
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Anyway, if you are interested enough to respond I will discuss my thoughts with you.

 Mar 19, 2022

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