A member of the junior varsity swim team will be elected as President. Each member is equally likely to be elected. The probability that a sophomore is elected is  times the probability that a freshman is elected. Everyone on the junior varsity swim team is either a freshman or sophomore. What fraction of the swim team are sophomores?

 Jan 30, 2024



First of all, at least try the problem before copy and pasting it onto this site


Second of all, you didn't even copy it RIGHT. I would expect you put a little more effort so that people can READ your problem, and answer it occordingly. 


You can post it again and I will answer it. Post it with the corrections.

 Jan 30, 2024

I've seen this problum so i'm assuming that the ratio is 3:2, That means if everyone has an equal chance to be president, the ratio of sophomore swimmers to freshman swimmers is 3:2. So 3/(3+2) is 3/5 of the team are sophomores.

 Jan 30, 2024

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