Hello! I have a friend who needs some help getting this problem. I'm afriad I am a little unavailable to help currently, so I had to come to you guys, since I know you are the best! Any help or info that can be provided is greatly appreciated. I sincerely thank you all for all that you do and all the time you deticate to helping us all. Have a nice day and thank you in advance!



Guest Mar 21, 2018

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Alright, here we go:


In n/m, both are relatively prime and cannot simplify the fraction. 


To prove that √3 is irrational from n^2 = 3m^2


From n^2 = 3m^2, we can say that n is a multiple of 3, since there is a 3 on the right side of the equation. 


We can set n equal to 3k


So n^2 = 9k^2 = 3m^2


3k^3 = m^2


So this means that m is also a multiple of 3.


In the beginning we stated that they are relatively prime and cannot simplify, but if both are n and m are multiples of 3, how is this possible?


This leads to a contradiction. 

supermanaccz  Mar 21, 2018

may you please type out the second part, I cannot read it :)

supermanaccz  Mar 21, 2018

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