When I write in my calculator:1-0.9938, the answer I get is 6.2*10to the power of 3, while other calculators say:0.0062, and that is the answer I need. How can I change the settings on my calculator?

Guest Jun 29, 2017

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What calculator do you have? Knowing this will help diagnose the problem and fix it.


Your calculator is not providing the wrong answer, but it is representing your answer in scientific notation.\(6.2*10^{-3}=0.0062\)


I have a TI-84 Plus CE and this is how to disable scientific mode. This may be unhelpful, but if you have a Texas Instrument calculator, it may help guide you:


1. Press mode

2. Use Arrow Keys To Navigate to "Normal"

3. Press Enter


You should see that "SCI" used to have a black box surrounding it, which indicated that it was selected. Once you pressed enter, however, there should be a black box surrounding "Normal."


4. Press 2nd+Quit


Now that your settings are correct, you can exit out of this screen now. Try out a calculation like \(1-0.09938\) and see if the output is what you desire, \(0.0062\)

TheXSquaredFactor  Jun 29, 2017

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