Hello everyone,


I'm having a problem with LaTeX...


If I am copying something in LaTeX, then I can write nothing more behind it, therefore I make always this notation (\(\mbox {Here's the LaTeX-Code}\)) and then I can put then something before it because the bracket is not from LaTeX. Then I make mostly some symbol after the bracket then I can remove the brackets and so it looks then: (\(\mbox{Here's the LaTeX-Code}\))+ Then I write the text and when I'm finish I do this: \(\mbox {Here's the LaTeX-Code}\) 

May this might be because of Bing?



 Oct 23, 2021

I do not know Straight.  I actually do not understand what you are trying to describe.

I use Chrome and have not had any recent problems.

 Oct 24, 2021

Hello Melody,


maybe I'm just doing my method, so I am not having problems, 

thanks anyway for your interest and understanding.



 Oct 24, 2021

May this might be because of Bing?


Why yes, Bing, the Microsoft search engine, causes all sorts of problems –on the net and everywhere else. It causes inflation, software crashes, constipation, diarrhea, PMS, and stupidity. It spreads viruses –not just computer viruses; it causes influenza and Covid outbreaks everywhere.  So, it most certainly causes problems with LaTex on Web2.0calc.com


I asked the Oracle of Bing how it is that you’ve managed to remain alive this long.  Fourteen hours later it presented the most probable reason:




The Oracle of Bing did not define it as good luck or bad luck, because that would depend on the reader’s perspective. 


On a serious note, I actually do understand your (implied) question, which is (maybe) how to edit or insert ascii text to the left of a rendered LaTex statement. The answer depends on which form of LaTex you are using.


For inline LaTex, finding the beginning of the LaTex is obvious. The Latex is unrendered, displayed as ASCII code while in edit mode; so, to the left of the delimiter that activates the LaTex is the spot. The rendered LaTex displays normally in preview mode. 


In your above post, you are using the LaTex dialog box (not to be confused with \mbox) for each LaTex statement. In this case, as you move your mouse over the LaTex statement string, the statement string will highlight with a yellow/amber outline. At this point, left click with your mouse and it will highlight with a light blue background and outline; then, using the curser key, move one space to the left. You can then type in what you want. If you double click the highlighted LaTex then it opens the dialogue box, where you can edit the LaTex.



Some forum history...

Andre Massow updated the forum’s editor with the LaTex-finding outlines/highlights in past year or so. Prior to this, you had to search for a 10x1 pixel vertical line, which is the actual space occupied by the ASCII tag in the document. The only way to know you found it was to observe the word “math” appear on the bottom left side [body p math] while in edit mode. These boxes could sometimes be a royal pain-in-the-ass to find.  This is normally used to searched for and edit the LaTex in the dialogue box.


For more information on inline Latex see https://web2.0calc.com/questions/latex-delimiters

The information is still valid; however, about a year ago, and until a few week ago, a single dollar sign ($) would also activate and deactivate the Latex.  Using the $ to post something like $6.59 in ASCII was nearly impossible: The $ would turn on the LaTex and 6.59 would display in LaTex without the $ sign, the text characters that followed would display in LaTex without spaces. 


Well-presented old posts that had $ signs looked like slop.  Andre Massow deactivated this delimiter a few weeks ago. 

My thought: “Good-goddamn-riddance.”  Using a single character to activate LaTex is just plain dumb!


Dumbness is contagious...  because like a bloody idiot I used the delimiter for inline LaTex in several posts before it dawned on me that Andre Massow would one day get around to deactivating it. He did, but it took him a year.


Now those posts display the LaTex ASCII code instead of rendering. And, of course, I cannot edit any of those posts. 


A final thought: To properly use a computer, you have to be smarter than the computer.  For you, that may happen someday; probably sometime around the middle of the next Ice Age.  A really, really long time.



--. .-

 Oct 24, 2021
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Hello Guest,


I already know how to do. Could you please stop harassing me? (maybe all time you didn't) No long text anymore and no answer of you anymore, please? wink I go my way, you go your way. May I am dumb, but for me that's okay. Please don't call me dumb or idiot or something like that. If I made the mistake where you hated me because of it, then I apologise, maybe you just need an apology from me. Bye! :)  smiley We are here to ask questions when we don't know and there we don't call him stupid but explain it to them (if you know the answer), you don't insult either. You actually insulted me in the sense of right, but actually you could be a nice person in real life? Well, these sayings of yours are not really insults either. What I forgot to say is that you're advanced and really smart, but when someone says something wrong you call them stupid because you are so advanced but they are not at your current level like me. Thank you for listening. laugh



 Oct 25, 2021
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