how do I write this in a vb program?



hours = 45.5

payRate = 9.39


hours-(hours-(30*0.061)* payRate = 17.18


that's the answer I need but it keeps calculating it wrong 


is the way it looks to me

hours-(hours-(30*0.061)* payRate 

but it keeps making 


45.5 - (45.5-(30*0.061)* 9.39 = -73.87


I'm lost on this, anyone out there that can lend me a hand?

Guest Mar 21, 2017

The first guest to actually attempt an answer before asking... a godsend!


As for this vb program, l'm at a lost as well. Sorry maybe the math god EP can help out. 

HighSchoolCalculus  Mar 21, 2017

I assume that "vb"  stands for "Visual Basic????"


I think the problem is with your parentheses placement......I think you want


45.5-(45.5-(30*0.061)*9.39)   =


45.5- ( 45.5 - 17.837 )   =






cool cool cool

CPhill  Mar 21, 2017

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