Please explain thank you very much (sorry for the amount of questions)

 Nov 27, 2018

As you are aware, you have asked many of these questions recently.


What have you done. I mean how have you already tried to answer this question for yourself?

Why don't you interact with answerers?


Occasionally, not usually, you do give an answerer a point point, but I have not noticed that you ever interact with answerers.

I've not seen you say thank you (with words) or ask them questions or attempt to start an answer for yourself.



This would be totally unacceptable on any other proper mathematics forum.

 Nov 27, 2018
edited by Melody  Nov 27, 2018

The reason why i asked so many similar question is because I am preparing for a proof by induction exam, i have attempted all of these questions myself. i was unaware that i was supposed to post my own working outs.

but i will stop from now on

YEEEEEET  Nov 28, 2018

You are supposed to thank and interact with answerers. That would be polite.

It would make the answerers stop feeling like they are talking to air and it would help you to learn.

Melody  Nov 28, 2018

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