been stuck on this question for a while, help much appreciated :) thank you

 Oct 7, 2018

 Right so this is my attempt at the question:


From the graph we know that from B A = -b+a and O A  = a

we know that OX = 2a-b, assuming A is in the way if we subtract the value it takes to get to A from O then we get AX= a-b 

as 2a-b - a = a-b.

then we can get the value of BX by adding the "distance" of BA and AX which is 2a-2b.

we know that B, A , X lies on the same staight line because AX (a-b) is a factor of BX (2a-2b).

let me know if im wrong smiley

 Oct 7, 2018
edited by YEEEEEET  Oct 7, 2018

ah thank you so much! i think you're right

yeetus  Oct 8, 2018

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