Hello, this is TitaniumRome, the main ego of the pack. And as you can see, I just got done defeating my nemesis aka Alternative Ego, RoyalTitanium

Not too long ago, you may have noticed that my Alternative Ego rebelled against me, and not only caused me to fall and get back up, but also caused my whole empire, and many others to fall!

and now the main ego has returned and beated the alts up

but thx to him, us main egos now have to clean up for the mess the alt. egos have done

but us main egos have managed to defeat our alts

and all of this led to one amendment:

Amendment #39 AKA The Ego Amendment:

-There Is No Main Ego But The Main Ego Itself

-The original Ego Shall be the Main Ego, unless if by the Original Ego only, decides to pass down the main ego title to another ego

-All other Egos shall not rebel against the Main Ego

-Alt Ego is the only one besides the Main Ego who shall possess some power


All Other Egos:

-3 Months in Prison

Alt Ego:

-Summoned to the afterlife Temple Of Fire, where religious people state where Satan will torture the alt ego there, for 3 decades

Lesson Of The Day:

The Main Egos Shall Not Be Messed With!

now, we Main Egos appear to be busy, all our empires and squads are gone

today comes a new age, where a whole new set of empires unite

there is no more Royality, for its in the past, now there will be a new set of empires now, and we will one day be strong enough to do one thing:


i wont be starting another empire, for Royality was difficult to manage, and also its a new set of breaking waves, and I believe there always has to be a moment for a new person to rule, and there always come a time where even the greatest, just, should enjoy life the normal way, and thats my time, cant be the head here

but, cuz of me and other influencial leaders of the previous generation, it has inspired other people to continue the war, and many other people become the heads

i will only take part of school warfare when necessary, but will never be the head again

its time i rest....and enjoy life

 Aug 7, 2015

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I am glad that you are back TR  

 Aug 7, 2015
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I am glad that you are back TR  

Melody Aug 7, 2015

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