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Answer: 4


I have no idea how to approach this.

 Aug 3, 2019

let the vertices of the triangle be labeled a, b, c, and the midpoints d, e, f


let the sum of a given leg equal S


3S = 3(a+b+c) + (d+e+f)


S = (a+b+c) + (d+e+f)/3


Note that n=(d+e+f)/3 is an integer


n cannot be 1 as the minimum value is 2


if n=2, the only possible values of d, e, f are (1,2,3)


if n=3, the possible values of d, e, f are (1,2,6), (1, 3, 5), (2, 3, 4)


Setting d, e, and f, fixes what you can use for a, b, and c as any different combos will be rotations or reflections.


Thus you have 4 possible ways to arrange the triangle.

 Aug 3, 2019


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