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Here is a picture of a sample pyramid: 


Source: http://www.mathwarehouse.com/solid-geometry/pyramid/images/volume-of-pyamid-problem-1.jpg


To find the volume of any pyramid, use this formula:


Let V = Volume of pyramid

Let B = Area of the base

Let h = Perpendicular height from the base to the common vertex


Using the picture above, let's find the volume of the above pyramid. The first thing we must find is B, the area of the base. In the example above, the base is a rectangle, so let's find B.


\(B =10*8\)



Ok, now the height is 6, as given in the diagram. Let's plug all the values in.


\(V=\frac{1}{3}*80*6\)With multiplication, you can do the calculation in any order you'd like because of the commutative property of multiplication. For ease of calculation, ill do \(\frac{1}{3}*6=2\)
\(V=160in^3\)Remember to leave units in your final answers, and be sure to leave it as a cubed unit!
TheXSquaredFactor  Jul 26, 2017

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