The file classgrades.txt contains student data from a class. Each line of the file consists of a student's last name, a space, and a sequence of integers (separated by spaces), which represent scores on assignments.

Write a Python program to read the data from this file and to write a new file classscores.txt. Each line of classscores.txt should consist of a student's last name and his/her average score on the assignments, rounded down to the nearest integer.


(above is the original problem)

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 Jun 30, 2018

I know how to code in Python and can easily code for your problem in a matter of minutes!! But, do you REALLY expect me to sit down and do your assignment for you, which you would just copy and paste and submit it as your own? How are you supposed to learn how to code, if you just let others do it for you? Put some effort into it man, and you will learn from your mistakes. Good luck.

 Jun 30, 2018

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