Hi friends, 

They give Cosx =2/3.....determine 1+tan^2x


I understand all of this, except the quadrant we are working in, since they give x is greater and equal to 0 deg and smaller and equal to 360 deg... Please help me understand this... Thank you kindly

 Oct 25, 2020

cos x = + 2/3       cosine is positive in Q I   and Q IV    .... or from 0 -90   and   270 = 360o

 Oct 25, 2020
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Hi ElectricPavlov,


yes, I know all this, my question really was about the fact that we are now working in 2 quadrants, when we USUALLY work in just one quadrant. I meant to say I did not, and still not really, understand why the question is formulated such that we are to work in 2 quadrants?

juriemagic  Oct 27, 2020

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