For the following system of equations: { -4x2+2x+5

                                                             {   2x2-3x+6


a) algebraically determine the solution(s) 


b) Verify that your solution(s) statisfy both equations

 Jan 25, 2022

Hi Julia,


These are not equations.  there are not equal signs.  They need   y=   or    f(x)=   or some other funtion name =


I will assume they are   f(x)=     and    g(x)=

a)  f(x)=g(x) then     


now solve them simultaneously.


b) plug the answers that you get into the original equation to see if they make  f(x) and g(x) equal


You can also put the equations into Desmos graphing calc to see where they both cross.

For the calc call them both y=



**  You can now show the forum what you have done in order to give yourself learning credibility here.

 Jan 25, 2022

I did it myself and the answer was X= 1/2 and X= 1/3.


I verified it and it is true for both equations.


I posted here because I thought it looked too hard for me at first to do by myself but then I fgured it out. Thank you.

JuliaJ5  Jan 25, 2022

You're welcome Julia.

You should get used to plugging you equations into Desmos AFTER you have solved them yourself.

This will increase your understanding of how the algebra and the graphical representations relate to each other.

You will enhance your learning enormously.

Melody  Jan 26, 2022

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