Most cars get their best gas mileage when traveling at relatively modest speed. The gas mileage M for a certain new car is modeled by the function. ๐‘€(๐‘ ) = โˆ’ 1/ 28*(๐‘ ^2) + (3 + ๐‘š)๐‘  + (31 + ๐‘š) , where ๐‘  is the speed in mi/h and M is measured in mi/gal

a. What is the carโ€™s best gas mileage, and at what speed is it attained? Justify your answer?

b. Sketch the quadratic function manually showing all steps.

 Jun 24, 2021

You question does not state what 'm' is....

    the function is a dome shaped parabola due to the  negative coeficient of   s^2

       the maximum (at the vertex) will be at a value of 's' given by     - b/ 2a   where    b = 3+m    and    a = - 1/28

            you will need to know the value of 'm' to calculate this speed

                use this speed in the equation to calculate the car's best mileage.... 

 Jun 24, 2021

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