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If someone could please help me.

 Oct 21, 2018
edited by jjennylove  Oct 21, 2018
edited by jjennylove  Oct 22, 2018

Original amount: 80 books


1st month: 100 books


2nd month: 125 books


3rd month: 156.25 books


4th month: 195.3125 books


5th month: 244.14 books


6th month: 305.175 books


7th month: 381.46 books


8th month: 476.825 books


9th month: 596.03 books


10th month: 745.03 books


Thus, by the end of the 10th month, \(\boxed{745}\) books are expected to be donated to the library.

 Oct 21, 2018

Thank you !!! I was so close to the correct answer, I appreciate you helping me.

jjennylove  Oct 21, 2018

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