Draw and classify the polygon with the given vertices. Find the perimeter and area of the polygon.

A(-2, 2) , B(2, 4) , C(2, -4) , D(-2, -2)

Fox1018  Mar 29, 2017

Have you drawn it yet?


2 of thew sides you can see the distance super easy and the other 2 you can use pythagoas' theory to find the side lengths.

Add he sides together for the perimeter.


Foe area, split it into 2 triangles and a rectangle and add the areas together.

 OR use the area of a trapezium formula which is

Area = average of parallel sides times by perpendicular distance between them.

Melody  Mar 29, 2017


Yes I drew it it it just seemed that since it was a trapazieod I would use the Formula for the area of the a trapazieod but it kept on coming out as a weird number. so i looked at the formula and the formula was wrong. wink

I figured it out...


A=24 units

Fox1018  Mar 29, 2017

Your area is correct but I do not think that your perimeter is.


You need to use pythagoras and I think that you will bet an answer wit a part of it under a square root sign.

If you round this off to the nearest whole numer it is 21 but I think you should leave it as a surd (with the square root sign)

Melody  Mar 29, 2017

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