convert 1.18 repeating to a fraction in simplest form.

 Aug 28, 2017

Well, you know that 1.18 can be converted into 118/100. There are 1.18 'hundreds' in 118. So what you need to do next is simplify that fraction.  118(numerator) and 100(denominator) are both divisible by 2. So divide both of them by 2 and you get 

59/50. That cannot be simplified further, so that is the simplest form. 




No wait! Didn't see the repeating part! Look at falcon609 below for the correct answer.

Sorry. laugh

 Aug 29, 2017
edited by Gh0sty15  Aug 29, 2017

Do you mean 1.1818181818... by 1.18 repeating? If so, the fraction would be 1 2/11, or 13/11. Here is a great site for converting decimals to fractions. https://www.calculatorsoup.com/calculators/math/decimal-to-fraction-calculator.php

 Aug 29, 2017

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