In how many ways can we seat 6 people at a round table if John and Sam insist on sitting next to each other? (Two seatings are equivalent if one is a rotation of the other.)



Mr.Owl  Oct 31, 2017

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6 people

there is no head of the tabel so the first person is just a place marker so there are really only 5 people whose positions matter.

But John and sam are tied together so thet are the equaivalent of one person.

so that is only 4 people.


4!     *2   because it could be john, sam or sam, john. 


2*3*4*2 = 48 permutations.

Melody  Oct 31, 2017
edited by Guest  Oct 31, 2017

Thanks a lot! That really helps :-)

Mr.Owl  Oct 31, 2017

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