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A tire company is selling two different tread patterns of tires. Tire x sells for $75.00 and tire y sells for $85.00.Three times the number of tire y sold must be less than or equal to twice the number of x tires sold. The company has at most 300 tires to sell.

What is the maximum revenue that the company can make?






 Sep 19, 2017

We can solve this with a graph [ linear programming ]


Let x  = number of  $75 tires to be sold and y  = the number of $ 85 tires to be sold


Here are the constraints to be graphed :


x + y ≤ 300 


3y ≤ 2x


And the objective function to be maximized is this


75x +  85y


A look at the graph here : https://www.desmos.com/calculator/5dtkxwrxak  will show that the max occurs at the corner points of the intersection of the two inequalities


There is only one corner point at  ( x , y)  = (180, 120)


Putting this into the objective function produces


75(180) + 85 (120)  = $ 23700



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 Sep 19, 2017

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