Dear Fellow Users,


I have not been killed yet. I've just been busy with school work. 


Question is, what app do I use to upload images here? Thanks!

 Feb 25, 2018

DS!!!!!....good to see you , my man!!!!


Where have you been keeping yourself   ???




cool cool cool

 Feb 25, 2018

Hi DS it is wonderful to see you again!


I only use this site on my computer (not on my phone) but I don't need any special app to upload the pics. 

I actually do use Gyazo becasue I find it convenient and it is a free download BUT you it is not necessary.  People can still use the uploader that is included in the normal picture insertion on the forum. 

 Feb 25, 2018

Good to know that you're not dead yet DS...pls let me know if you do anytime...i dont want to miss your funeral feast...lol.....just kidding....


How have you been? 


I dont use any special app to upload pics, its works fine for me,...


are you having any trouble uploading?


hows everything going on for you!


Glad to see you!!!



 Feb 25, 2018
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