I need help because I think I know the answer but im not sure its right.


The choices are


1) 60x - 180


2) 10x - 40


3) 12x - 60


4) 12x - 36

 Mar 18, 2019


There are two actions required.  First multiply everything inside the parentheses by 3.  Then, divide the result by 5.


First, multiplying by 3 gives us (60x – 180)


Then, dividing that by 5 gives us (12x – 36) 


You did the first part correctly, but neglected to do the second part.


The correct answer is number 4, which is 12X – 36  


You could have done the division first, then the multiplication, and obtained the same answer.  

 Mar 18, 2019

So what is the answer. Becuase I did that and i didn't get any of the answer choices

 Mar 18, 2019

I will delete my rude remark but honestly, you go to the trouble of posting a question and you cannot even be bothered to READ the answer.

EVEN when the exact final answer is in BOLD print.


Perhaps you should be enrolled in a school for BLIND children


Kminery's response.  (in case she/he is savvy enough to delete it)

"So what is the answer. Becuase I did that and i didn't get any of the answer choices"

Melody  Mar 18, 2019
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DID you actually READ the answer the guest posted???????????????

 Mar 18, 2019

3/5(20x-60). First, you distribute. If you don't know what that means, it states that a(b+c)=ab+ac. So 3/5(20x-60)=(3/5*20x)-(3/5*60)= 20*3/5 = 4*3=12 so 20x*3/5=12x. 60*3/5=12*3=36.So 3/5(20x-60)=12x-36






 Mar 18, 2019

Distributive property - we multiply everything in the parentheses by 3/5.

I like to multiply first, and then divide.

So, \(3(20x-60)=60x-180\) . We just multiplied 3 to 20x and -60.

Now, we can't forget the dividing by 5. Do this to 60x and -180.

Now we get 12x and -36.

Can you combine these and get the answer?


You are very welcome!


 Mar 18, 2019

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