1.     A utility pole is 35 ft tall. The pole creates a 50 ft shadow. What is the angle of elevation of the sun? Round your answer to the nearest degree. Show your work.

 Jul 14, 2023

To solve this problem, we can use the ratio of the tangent of the sun's elevation angle
\(tan x = \frac{35}{50}\)

To find x, we need to apply the inverse tangent function to both sides of the equation

\(x =arctan\frac{35}{50}\)

Using the calculator, we get:

\(x ={34.99}^{o}\)

Rounding up to the nearest power, we get:

\(x ={35}^{o}\)

Answer: The angle of elevation of the sun is approximately 35 degrees.

I used the trigonometric tangent function, which is defined as the ratio of the opposite leg to the adjacent leg in a right triangle. In our case, the power tower is the opposite leg, and the length of the shadow is the adjacent leg. The angle of elevation of the sun is the angle between the pole and the ground. This is actually not very complex trigonometry if you look. You can read the explanations, or u can hire someone to write a research paper. For example, this can be done on this resource https://paperell.net/pay-for-research-papers or look for your own options. I use these reliable services for complex tasks. I hope this helps you.

 Jul 23, 2023
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