Guest Oct 23, 2017

For \(\sqrt{2x}=\sqrt{4x+1}\):

Square each side to remove the meddlesome square root:

2x = 4x + 1

Isolate x (subtract 4x from each side, since 4 is the coefficient of x on the side with the extra number):

-2x = 1

Divide each side by -2 (the coefficient of x):

\(x = -\frac{1}{2}\)

helperid1839321  Oct 24, 2017

Note something that we need to be aware of, helperid


If  x  =  -1/2....we will have negatives  under  both radicals....but each side will evaluate to the complex answer, "i"



cool cool cool

CPhill  Oct 24, 2017

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