Randall borrowed $850 from his parents to make some repairs on his car. He promised to repay the loan giving his parents at least $94 from his paycheck each week. Assuming Randall sticks to his promise, which of the following is not a possible scenario for the amount of debt Randall has remaining?


A. After 5 weeks, Randall is $125 in debt.

B. After 6 weeks, Randall is $175 in debt.

C. After 7 weeks, Randall is $225 in debt.

D. After 8 weeks, Randall is $75 in debt.

Guest Mar 23, 2017

I answered this one here.




Melody didn’t agree with my answer (I would have replied but I hadn't noticed her post). I still think my answer is correct and my comptometer was functioning within normal parameters –unlike the Blarney Banker who doesn’t know how to use his comptometer –even when it’s not in for repair.   


This question didn’t seem that difficult, but I elaborate more on my reasoning in this post.  


Rephrasing the question: In which scenario does the minimum payment drop below the minimum requirement of $94 week?


(Original debt) - (current debt) = (amount paid). (Amount paid)  / (number of weeks of payments) = (average amount paid per week).


A) 850 - 125 = 725 :  725/7 = 103.57 per week

B) 850 - 175 = 675 :  675/6 = 112.50 per week

C) 850 - 225= 575 :   575/7 =  89.29 per week

D) 850 - 75 = 775 :    775/7 =  96.88 per week


Only scenario C) has a per week payment below the $94 minimum.  The answer is C.

GingerAle  Mar 23, 2017

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