Antonina needs to have worked at least 90 volunteer hours to graduate. She has already volunteered with a housing organisation over the summer for 52 hours. Antonina needs to tutor after school for 3 hours per week to complete the remainder of her volunteer hours. If www is the number of weeks that Antonina needs to tutor in order to complete her volunteer hours, which of the following inequalities best models the situation described above?


A. \(52w+30w≥90\)
B. \(52w+30w≤90\)
C. \(52+3w≤90\)
D. \(52+3w≥90\)
E. I have no idea and feel like posting E as the answer so deal with it. cool



 Mar 21, 2017
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52 hours + (3 hours per week* w weeks) = (52 + 3w) hours


This must be at least 90 hours, so   \(52+3w\ge90\)


 Mar 21, 2017

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