An ambulance travels at 40 mph and can follow a 20-mile route making no stops to get to the hospital. A helicopter travels at one mile per minute, and the air route is 15 miles to get to the same hospital. However, the helicopter takes three minutes for takeoff and three minutes for landing. How many fewer minutes does it take for the helicopter to complete its trip (takeoff, flight and landing) than for the ambulance to complete its trip?

 Apr 6, 2020

Keep in mind that Time=Distance/Speed




Since the ambulance travels 40 mph, that would be the speed

Since the ambulance travels 20 miles with 0 stops that would be the distance




The ambulance takes 2 hours to make its journey





Since the helicopter travels 1 mpm, that would be the speed. 

Since the helicopter travels 15 miles, that would be the distance




The helicopter gets to the hospital in 15 minutes

We can add the 3 minutes for takeoff and landing and that adds 6 minutes to the journey




The helicopter takes 21 minutes to complete the journey


Since the ambulance takes 2 hours or 120 minutes and the helicopter takes 21 minutes:




The helicopter will get there in \(99 \) fewer minutes.


Hope this helped!!!


 Apr 6, 2020

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