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Adam, Kate and Rebecca share £160 in the ratio of 2 : 5: 3


Kate says she receives 5 parts and Rebecca 3 parts, so I receive ?? % more than Rebecca.


How do I work out the percentage?



 Jun 5, 2018

We treat parts as variables in this question.


Since Kate says she receives 5 parts, that means she receives 5x. 

And, since Rebecca receives  3 parts, that means she receives 3x. 

Adam receives 2 parts, which means 2x.


So, 5x+3x+2x=160, 10x=160, x=16


That means each part is worth £16.


What do you mean by I receive ?? % more than Rebecca?


Do you mean Kate or Adam?


Rebecca: 16*3=£48


If it's Kate, then we'll first have to work out the total amount of money Kate has, which is 16*5=£80

If it's Adam, then we'll first have to work out the total amount of money  has, which is 16*2=£32

To find the percentage increase, we'll have to do: 80-48/48*100=66.6% increase- Kate


 Jun 5, 2018

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