How does the original volume of a rectangular prism change when the width is doubled, the length is tripled, and the height is quadrupled?

Neptune  May 14, 2017

The equation for the volume of a rectangular prism is:


\(Volume=width\times length\times height\)


If we multiply the width by 2, the length by 3, and the height by 4 in this equation, we have to do the same to the other side so the equation remains true.


\(2\times3\times4\times Volume=(2\times width)\times(3\times length)\times(4\times height)\)


\(24\times Volume=(2\times width)\times(3\times length)\times(4\times height)\)


Therefore the volume will be 24 times it's original value.

Will85237  May 14, 2017

omg tysm

Neptune  May 14, 2017

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