I have just been asked, by member DrNourian, to include this 3D graphing calculator reference

to our  "Reference Material"  thread which can be found in the sticky topics on the right of the page.


This is a direct link to the graphing calcuator.  This is a downloadable calc and there is a free version.

I have not looked at it very much but it looks like it might be a very good resource.



Perhaps other people would like to take a look and comment upon it :) 

Melody  Apr 5, 2017
edited by Melody  Apr 5, 2017

Yep....this looks to be a pretty cool little app.....it will install as an icon but you can drag it to your  taskbar .....in my brief experience, the graphing takes a few seconds to generate, but it's worth the wait!!!


Here's a generated pic of a couple of cones....the equation is  z^2  = x^2 + y^2   





cool cool cool

CPhill  Apr 5, 2017
edited by CPhill  Apr 5, 2017

CPhil, thanks for posting that nice image of Graphing Calculator 3D.


Curious, you mentioned that it took a few seconds to plot that graph. But plotting that graph should take less than a second. I wonder if high-precision was enabled by mistake. It should have been off by default as most calculations do not require that kind of precision. You can check that by clicking on View > Precision menu. In there, Math Library should be set to "Double (Fast)". Hope this helps :)

DrNourian  Apr 6, 2017

WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's cool!

tertre  Apr 5, 2017

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