The graph of y=h(x) is shown in red below. Compute h(h(7)).

(Assume grid lines are spaced 1 unit apart.)







The graph of y=f(x) is shown below in red. Given that f is invertible, find f^{-1}(4).

(Assume grid lines are spaced 1 unit apart.)

 Jun 25, 2019

First one


h(7)  means that we go to  "7"  on the  x axis....from here....we go up until we intercept the graph and we read the y value at that point....so.....going out to 7  and then going up we find that we intercept the graph at y = 5

So  f(7)  = 5

So  f(f(7))  = f(5)

Then....we do the same thing.....go to 5 on the x axs  and then go down until we intercept the graph at the y value of  -1


So...   f (f(7)) =  f(5)  =  -1



Second one


f-1 (4)   means that we  go up  on the graph until y = 4  and then we find the x value associated with that y value


So...when we go up to y = 4.....the x value asociated with this y value  is 3




f-1(4)  =   3



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 Jun 25, 2019

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