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How do you repost a question, post new answer on a old question or edit an old question?

 Jul 20, 2019

There's no fancy way to repost a question. Just make a new question and put your old question there, but please make sure to put a link to the original question too. And it would be a nice idea to add a sentence explaining why you're reposting it.


To post an answer to an old question that has been locked, you'll have to ask a moderator to unlock it for you.


I don't see any limit on editing an old question. See, I was able to edit this question from 10 months ago just like normal.

 Jul 20, 2019
edited by hectictar  Jul 20, 2019

okay thank you hectictar

 Jul 21, 2019

Hectictar has 5 points here and Travisio has 6 (for asking the question and saying thanks)


It intersts me that Travisio did not give Hectictar ANY of her points.


He did give himself all 6 points.  He tried to give himself 7 points but one didn't take.  That must of made him very sad.  sad

 Aug 6, 2019

fyi i did give hectictar a point

travisio  Aug 6, 2019


Melody  Aug 6, 2019

Yep, like usual, he is full of bulllshit!

This partly explains why he doesn’t give anyone else points. 

You can only allocate one point per post up to 30 points a day.

If you use all of your allocation on your own posts, you will not have any for other posts. 

No wonder you have a broken finger.  You have nine more fingers, so it shouldn’t slow you down too much. 

Guest Aug 6, 2019
edited by Guest  Aug 6, 2019

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