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I got 1a and I think 2a is negative infinity for both.

Need serious help with b but my answers are even (1b) and odd (2b)

For c I got 1c=positive and 2c=negative

 Sep 12, 2018

Melody clearly told you to do it yourself and you opened the last thread just 2 hours ago, why are you reposting? because you know cphill will answer your questions anyways?

 Sep 12, 2018
edited by Guest  Sep 12, 2018

I am pretty sure you are right 

 Sep 12, 2018

Functions don't have to be either odd or even RP.  See below for example:



 Sep 12, 2018

First one

a) End behavior -  negative infinity at the left end, positive infinity at the right end

b) Neither - it is not even because it is not symmetric to the y axis....to be odd....we could "flip" the fuction on either side of the y axis and it would have to mirror the other side...this is not true for this function

c) The lead coefficient is positive



Second one

a) End behavior  - negative infinity at both ends

b) Neither   -  not symmetric to the y axis

c) The lead coefficient is negative



cool cool cool

 Sep 12, 2018

tysm <3

RainbowPanda  Sep 12, 2018

Rainbow Panda I DID spend quite a bit of time explaining this to you.


Ok, I see you did not understand.   That is ok.  I am sorry I was not around to elaborate for you. 


My only thought is that you should have explained this briefly here and  included a link to the original post but that is not a huge deal.


I hope you understand now :)


Original post:




 Sep 12, 2018

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