A king has no sons, no daughters, and no queen. For this reason he must decide who will take the throne after he dies. To do this he decides that he will give all of the children of the kingdom a single seed. Whichever child has the largest, most beautiful plant will earn the throne; this being a metaphor for the kingdom.At the end of the contest all of the children came to the palace with their enormous and beautiful plants in hand. After he looks at all of the children's pots, he finally decides that the little girl with an empty pot will be the next Queen. Why did he choose this little girl over all of the other children with their beautiful plants?

Brooklyn.Beckham  Apr 5, 2017

Because she sungto him every other day! 




LunarRoxey  Apr 5, 2017


Brooklyn.Beckham  Apr 5, 2017

The seeds were inert in some way, and thus could not truely grow. Everyone else cheated, while the girl with the empty pot presented plant the way it grew, thus being honest.

DerpofTheAbyss  Apr 5, 2017

My guess is that she planted it in the ground, and it grew way better than everyone else's plants that were stuck in a pot!

hectictar  Apr 5, 2017

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