A triangle has side lengths of 23.8cm, 31.2 cm and 39.6cm.


Is this a right angle triangle?  Show how you decide.



I can only think of drawing triangles to scale, but is there a maths formula I don’t known about to use?



 Apr 22, 2018

Use Pythagoras' Theorem to confirm one way or the other:

Take the largest side and square it: 39.6^2 =1,568.16 cm^2

Then take the other two sides, square them and add them up =23.8^2 + 31.2^2 =1,539.88

If it were a right triangle, then 39.6^2 =23.8^2 + 31.2^2. But, as you can see from above calculations, the don't equal each other, so it CANNOT be a right triangle.

 Apr 22, 2018
edited by Guest  Apr 22, 2018

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