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1. If a skateboard ramp is 7 feet long and has an angle of inclination of 2 degrees, what is the vertical rise of the ramp to the nearest tenth?

The vertical rise of the ramp is ? feet.



2. Suppose the angle of depression from a race car driver's eyes to the bottom of the 3-foot high back end of the car in front of him is 18 degrees. How far apart, to the nearest foot, are their bumpers? Assume the horizontal distance from the race car driver's eyes to the front of his car is 5 feet. 

The bumpers are ? feet apart.

 Mar 21, 2019

The hypotenuse of a right triangle is the ramp's 7 ft length

sin 2  = opposite/hypotenuse

hypotenuse sin 2 = opposite

7 sin 2 = .24 ft  rise ~ .2 ft rise (nearest tenth)

 Mar 21, 2019

Tan 18 = 3/(5+x)

x = 4.23 ft

 Mar 21, 2019

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