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I just made a list of Royal officials and those with official roles in Camelot.

Let me know if you have been forgotten or given an inaccurate title!   sad

It seems Geno3141 and Heureka and Bertie are not one the list. :/

Would any of you like to nominate yourself for a royal position.

Maybe other people would like to make nominations.

Dr Coldplay, could you please assign this post with your other historical tomes!


Heureka could be the Royal Actuarian.  You would be excellent at that Heureka, and it is a position of great esteme.  the pay is good too!  

Gino3141,...  we already have an historian.  You could keep the Royal accounts.  Does that sound a bit dull?  Umm,  Would you like to be the Head Zoo keeper?  We have many Rhinoceroses in our zoo and I know you are very partial to those!!

Bertie, Mmm, Bertie is very quiet and mysterious, but his ears are keen.  Maybe he can be Head Royal Spy ?  



I am Headmistress Melody of Camelot's RoayalAcademy

I am a few minutes younger then my identical twin sister.

She is QueenGuinevere, Sovereign of Camelot :)

King Arthur is often off fighting in the Crusades but he has altimate powere here. (aka Mr. Massow)

We also have the RoyalCrier

Rosala and Kitty are both  Royal princesses

Zegroes is our beloved Royal Prince

CPhill and Alan and Radix are knights

   Sir CPhill spends much of his time on his quest for the Roman Zero.  He knows it is in Sisyphus's boulder but he still has not found it...   Maybe he should get Detective Lancelotlink to help hime look!

MorganTud is Camelot's Royal Doctor,

HeatherF is Camelot's Royal reporter

NeebieMaths is queen of a faraway land in the Tree of Neatherlands


Dessidian is a blacksmith apprentice but he wants to be the Royal A******n

KatieLeigh is Head assistant to Head Mistress Melody

We have the Ghost of Web2.0

We have Nauseated who is our Royal Troll

Coldplay is our Dr of History

Dragonlance is squire to Sir CPhill,

DragonSlayer554 slays all the dragons that threaten our land.  He has taken Dessiden under his wing and is training him in the royal art of fencing and superior sword productions.  

TitaniumRome is the General of Camelot's army.  He is number one defender of Camelot!

SpawnofAngel has just been commissioned as Dirctor of the Royal Playhouse.  I have just made a post asking for people to help him!   


Then there is Lancelotlink.  He is our Ape detective.

Mmm, I am not sure who else there is .....

 Mar 3, 2016

Best Answer 


Aye, I have already accpeted both of their help in the Royal Playhouse. 

 Mar 4, 2016

Aye, ye best be happy with de plays I gib ya. I first play shall be an original, but the one after will be Romeo and Juliet. Or maybe before. Depends how much I get written by end of this week.

 Mar 3, 2016

This doesnt even mean anything does it. Its not like an actual play is happening.

 Mar 3, 2016

Yea of little faith.

Spawn does indeed intend to entertain us with a play!

He may need a little help to get it up and running though.

Would you like to volunteer ?


The citizens of Camelot have no television or internet you know.  A play will be a wonderful diversion from everyday life!

 Mar 3, 2016

What jobs are still open, as I would love to know. I am in need of a job.

rarinstraw1195  Mar 3, 2016

Here, here (me too)

Songoflight  Mar 3, 2016

You’d make a good choadd inspector, Rarin.   


Here, use this for a scene title monograph in the play.


To Bree or not to Bree.  Whether it is nobler to off yourself quickly or to suffer the pains of learning how to dodge the poo thrown by mathbitch. Yea, Mathbitch makes an art of picking the gnats and flies for inspection for it is more splendid to eat the best ones and return the others before throwing the poo at the deserving.  This is the more noble way, of he who is Mathbitch. 

 Mar 3, 2016
edited by Guest  Mar 3, 2016

So far, I have no job here, yet I am higher up than half of the people on here, I believe. Are there any jobs that have not been filled yet? I also regret to inform you that Mistress Coldplay has gone silent for quite a while. I hope that she is alright...

 Mar 3, 2016


Well SpawnofAngel, you have had at least two enthusiastic offers of help.


One from rarinstraw and one from Songoflight


I Head Mistress of Web2.0 Camelot Academy do thank thee for thine most generous offers.


I hope you have spoken to these citizens.  If no perhaps it be because thee be away for the weeks end?


Anyway Spawn, upon your return I trust you will honor rarinstraw and Songoflight with a heart felt thank you and an acceptance of their labour and expertise   laugh

 Mar 4, 2016
Best Answer

Aye, I have already accpeted both of their help in the Royal Playhouse. 

SpawnofAngel Mar 4, 2016

you forgot 7UP.......he'd be heart-brokennnnn..................




lets not forget valuing and giving his intelligent brain a royal place................



hed be hurt then....hmm



 Mar 4, 2016

I do not thnk 7up has a specific role in Camelot does he Rosala?

I know the 2 of you are good friends but he is not here very often ://

 Mar 6, 2016

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