This isn't really a problematic question, but what is the best way to go about the math portion of the SAT?

Guest Apr 1, 2017





MysticalJaycat  Apr 1, 2017

The best way is to focus. Don't stress about answers you don't know and skip questions you can't solve and come back to them later. Any person who would ask that question has already aces the test.

Guest Apr 1, 2017

I never took the SAT, but I took the PSAT, ACT, and many other standardized-type tests, and my advice is just go through the questions in order, one at a time, plain and simple. If you find one that is really hard, skip it (and come back to it if you have time). But don't waste time trying to find and solve the easiest questions first. You'll just end up flipping pages and spending too much time comparing the "hardness" of questions.


Another thing is practice answering SAT-type questions. It really, really, really helps. I would reccommend the SAT practice questions on Khan Academy. I went through some of them to help prepare for the ACT, and I wish I had done more.


Here is a link to Khan Academy's SAT math practice:


You do have to make an account to use it...but it's worth it in my opinion. :)

hectictar  Apr 2, 2017

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