I know this is not a math question but I just need some tips and I don't know where else to go. I'm taking the SAT's for the first time on Saturday (May 4th) and I'm really freaking out. I've been studying almost every day since November but I'm really scared about the math portion of the test.  I've been doing great in reading and writing but I can't score more than 500-530 in math on practice tests. I'm not looking for a perfect score but I would still like a high score or at least figure out how to calm my nerves so I don't completely blank in the middle of the test and get a score lower than the practice tests. Does anyone have any tips on the math portion or how it went for yourself? Was it easier then you expected? Any tips or advice would be helpful. Sorry for posting this but I need some help. Thank you.

 Apr 29, 2019

I was able to get a pretty good score in math on the SAT just by studying from various AOPS textbooks. Khan Academy has also made a SAT practice that has problems in math that are similar to the ones on the test

 Apr 29, 2019

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