(x-6)+(y-3)2 = 25


the equation above is a circle. If the circle is translated downward a usits such that the circle is tangent tot he x-axis, the equation becomes (x-6)+(y-3+a)2 = 25. What is the value of a.


To make the x axis a tangent of a do we not need to make the edge of the circle touch the x-axis? That is changing the number with the y component. the radius id the root of the number on the other side of the equations. so the radius is 5. And to get the circles edge to tought the x axis it needs to be 5 places away from it. So wouldnt a = -2?

I typed that in and it said that it was the wrong answer? why?

 Aug 6, 2020

By entering -2, you made the y-component to be (y - 5)2 which would make the circle tangent to the x-axis --

and the circle will be above the x-axis (center at (6,5)  -- however, you were instructed to translate the circle

downwards -- by making a = 5, you translated the circle upwards.

You will need the y-component to be (y + 5)2  --  which will make the circle tangent to the x-axis -- it will

be tangent below the x-axis.

 Aug 6, 2020

so the answer is a = 8?

BLANK  Aug 6, 2020

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