A dog runs for 2 seconds without stopping. After 1 second, the dog travels 6 meters. By the end of the next second, the dog has traveled an additional 4 meter. Which best describes the motion of the dog during the two seconds?

KawaiiKibby  May 16, 2017

XD stop

KawaiiKibby  May 16, 2017

So at first, the dog moved 6 meters in one second (velocity = 6 meters/second) then moves 4 meters in one second (velocity = 4 meters/second). You need acceleration or something?

HighSchoolCalculus  May 16, 2017

This question indicates you choose the “best” description is from a list.  You need to include these when you post this type of question; else, no one will know how to answer your question properly.  (Unless that person has mind reading skills, like some of us genetically enhanced chimps).


The dog speeds up   

The dog slows down   <-------This is the best description.

The dog moves with a constant speed   

The dog changes direction

GingerAle  May 16, 2017

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