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1.The actual low tide height recorded on a given day could vary from the function created as a model. Give some reasons for why you think this happens.

2.What do you suppose a decimal value for a day in the month means?




 Nov 8, 2018
edited by spirit1  Nov 8, 2018


The orbit of the moon isn't perfectly regular

The Sun appears at different places with respect to Earth and Moon during different days and your model may not account for this.  (Though modern models do)

There may be local geography that manages to somehow pool or channel water in places afftecting the tidal height.


2)  It will be the fractional duration of the day that has passed.  It can be calculated (to the nearest second) as


\(\text{fractional part of the day} = \dfrac{\text{seconds since midnight}}{24\cdot 3600}\)

 Nov 8, 2018

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