I'm over 500 points now!!! Yay!!!

I've been on this forum a little under a year now, and I'm only at 500. I can't even imagine how long it took people like @Melody and @CPhill to get scores that high. It's crazy!

AdamTaurus  Nov 2, 2017
edited by AdamTaurus  Nov 2, 2017

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We actually cheated....LOL!!!


Seriously...your points will add up faster than you think....!!!!



cool cool cool

CPhill  Nov 2, 2017

Wow! Congratulations AdamTaurus!

500 points will take a while for me...

CPhill, could you tell me the cheat codes you used? I want to get to the ten thousands....

While I am typing this Melody is 90819 points and you are 77728 points.

Or do you get access to free and unlimited points?


Gh0sty15  Nov 2, 2017

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