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So I don't really understand the difference between a Secant line and a Tangent line. 
What is the difference between them?
When are they supposed to be used/ can be used? 

What do they represent? 
How do you know if a line is tangent or secant? 

If somebody can clarify these for me i'd really appreciate it! thank you :')

does anybody know what an average rate of change is? :( 

i'm sorry if i keep asking questions i just don't understand any of this lol

 Sep 28, 2019
edited by Nirvana  Sep 28, 2019

See here, Nirvana  :






cool cool cool

 Sep 28, 2019
edited by CPhill  Sep 28, 2019

Thank you so so so so sooo so much CPhill! :)

Nirvana  Sep 28, 2019

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