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1. The car makes a complete revolution in 5s.


2. The radius of the Ferris wheel is 30 ft.


3. The maximum height of the Ferris wheel is 64 ft.


4. If the car is loaded at 0 s , then the people are loaded at the lowest point of the Ferris wheel.

 Jan 24, 2019

1  false    look at the lowest point   7.5 s    4 ft    it does not get back to lowest point until 17.5 s     so one rev = 10 seconds

2 true      Highest point  64 ft    lowest point 4 ft   means DIAMETER is 60 ft     radius is 30 ft

3 true

4 false     Lowest point is 4 ft.....at t= 0 s  the ferris wheel is at 34 ft high.

 Jan 24, 2019
edited by ElectricPavlov  Jan 24, 2019

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