Amy drew the Venn diagram.  a) True or False i)  S ⊂ H  ii)S ⊂C  iii) W ⊂ S   iv) H ⊂ H

 Nov 18, 2021

The symbol   \(\subset\)     means  'is a subset of'


If     \(S \subset H\)     that would mean that every single element of S is included also in H.   


H might have some extra elements as well  but   EVERY element in S must be in H


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 Nov 18, 2021

im not sure i understand

Guest Nov 19, 2021



the cap and glasses H region is fully INSIDE the S region.  That means that S includes the H (the hats)  as well as the sorts, shirts and sandals.   so    H is a subset of S.    That would be true.  

It looks to me like S stands for Summer and W stands for winter.  Caps and sunglasses are just a small part of the Summer clothing set.



Note:  S is not a subset of H because the S area is not inside the H area



Other examples.


A German Shepherd is a subset of all dogs.   Because all German shepherds are dog.


Trees are a subset of Plants because all trees are plants.

 Nov 19, 2021

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