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Several years​ ago, the reported mean age of an inmate on death row was

38.7 years. A sociologist wondered whether the mean age of a​ death-row inmate has changed since then.

He randomly selects 37 ​death-row inmates and finds that their mean age is 36.9 with a standard deviation of 8.8

Construct a 90​% confidence interval about the mean age of death row inmates. What does the interval​ imply?

Choose the correct hypotheses.

Upper H 0   

μ = 38.7



(I've edited this to remove the repeated numbers.  I hope it is now clearer, and that I haven't changed the meaning of anything in doing so!     Alan)

 Nov 21, 2018
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edited by Alan  Nov 22, 2018

Please restate your question with proper wording. I cannot understand your question. 


- PM

 Nov 22, 2018

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