-23.6+(-4.8)+4 4/5*0.4-(-11.5)=? Show work.

Guest Jun 6, 2017

Evaluating this expression is a matter of being especially attentive to the order of operations:


\(-23.6+(-4.8)+(4+4/5)*0.4-(-11.5)\) This is the original expression. Let's clean it up a bit, shall we?

According to order of operations, do \(4\frac{4}{5}*0.4\) first. We have to convert to an improper fraction

\(-23.6-4.8+\frac{24}{5}*\frac{2}{5}+11.5\) Multiply the fractions together
\(-23.6-4.8+\frac{48}{25}+11.5\) Convert \(\frac{48}{25}\)to a decimal. 
\(-23.6-4.8+1.92+11.5\) Do the calculations from left to right now because addition and subtraction have equal priority
\(-14.98\) This is your answer
TheXSquaredFactor  Jun 6, 2017
edited by TheXSquaredFactor  Jun 6, 2017

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