general question: how do i even write equivalent expressions to like a given expression?

the question for example asks for an equivalent expression if you are given 5^4x-3

(sorry i did not know how to write that in latex)

i have tried this question over 5 times and i still dont understand how it can be solved:

can someone please give me some hints, i don't want it to be solved i want to figure it out myself but i really don't know where to start.

thank you :3

 Jan 20, 2020

There are LOTS of ways to write  equaivalent expressions.....is this   54x-3      ?

     =   54x / 53

       = 54x /125      are a couple equivalent expressions  

 Jan 20, 2020

would it be right if i divided up the powers and broke them down? 

btw thank you ep!! 

Nirvana  Jan 24, 2020

Thanks EP


Firstly the expression you have written is not clear.



EP has interpretted this to mean   \(5^{4x-3}\)


Is this what you intended?  If so it should have been written as  5^(4x-3)


\(5^{4x-3}\\ =5^{4x}*5^{-3}\\ =(5^4)^x*\frac{1}{5^3}\\ =\frac{625^x}{125} \)


this is just another answer that is equivalent.

 Jan 24, 2020

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